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You can have the most advanced laundry equipment in the world, but without proper layout design, you will have a hard time maximizing your business' potential. At Brim Laundry Machinery, you can get more than just excellent technical support, as the company offers unmatched facility layout design and rigging expertise at your disposal.

Washing machines are pretty straightforward devices, but you will be surprised at the variety of laundry equipment types that exist in the market. More than being an essential purchase for households, laundry machines are what make commercial laundry places go around and like any homeowner, it is important to know the types of laundry equipment that you have at your disposal if you want to begin a business of your own. From traditional top loaders to portable washers and industrial equipment, you will not run out of options to fill your laundry facility. However, you should always be careful in selecting the right machines for the job.
Typical washing machines available for household users include free-standing, integrated, and semi-integrated front loaders as well as top loaders, which can fulfill any basic laundry requirements. There are also integrated washers and dryers as well as machines with separate utilities and twin tubs for saving space. However, if you are equipping a commercial laundry shop, best choose industrial/commercial laundry equipment that can take on heavy loads to meet the demands of your client base.
Brim Laundry is the perfect resource for modern laundry machines and industrial cleaning equipment and products. The company offers a long list of products from the most established names in the market. Brim Laundry even provides additional services like professional layout and design of laundry facilities, installation and rigging of materials, and technical support for proper upkeep of your investment.

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