National Background Check

National Background Check

When you want to be sure that someone is trustworthy and honest, it is necessary to conduct a national background check. A background check will provide you with a lot of information that will help you learn as much as possible about the person. There are many reasons why you may need to learn more about the criminal, financial, and employment history of a person.

Healthcare Checks

The healthcare industry requires special employment screening to ensure that the employee meets the compliance standards. It is important that you are in compliance with the federal and state laws and the industry regulations. You need the most current background check products that are designed specifically to check for the types of information you need to know.

Some of the essential checks that we perform include verification of medical practice, OIG standards, and I-9 verifications, among others. We offer a wide range of options so that you will be sure to be in compliance. A national background check will provide you with everything you need to know.

Employment Screening

Employment screening is important for all types of industries. You need to find out as much as possible before you go through the expense and commitment of hiring someone for a position. A national background check is necessary to learn everything that you can about an individual before you make a hiring decision.

Employment screening may include various checks that you want to perform. For example, you may include federal and state criminal checks, sex offender checks, warrant searches and verification of name, address, and social security number. These are available instantly. In addition you can order other verifications such as verification of education, past employment, references, and professional licenses.

In-Home Services

Companies that provide services to customers in their homes or offices have to be particularly careful about their employees. Employees of these types of firms must are trusted. The only way to ensure that the employee is safe is to conduct a national background check. You can confidentially find out as much as you can about a potential employee so you are sure that your business is in compliance with the law.

We offer a badge program that can be used in your marketing materials. The display shows that you have professional background checks performed on your employees to ensure the safety of your customers. This is an important consideration for many potential clients.

When you need to conduct multiple background checks on a regular basis, consider a business account. At IntegraScan we offer affordable business background check plans that allow you to regularly ensure that your employees are checked. Our checks are the most complete and thorough possible and provide you with the exact type of information that you need.

Don't settle for cheap services that don't give you the information you require. You'll end up without the protection that you must have to keep your company and customers safe. It's always better to be safe than sorry! Contact IntegraScan today to learn more about our business accounts.

National Background Check
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National Background Check
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