About Us

We are a Los Angeles-based home security systems company dedicated to providing advanced and highly secure alarm systems for all kinds of households and businesses. Our products provide the highest level of protection for your peace of mind. We also guarantee professional service right from the start. Our company is always on the lookout for new technologies and the latest in home and business security systems, making sure that you, our clients, get the best security there is in the market.

Our products are guaranteed to have high quality, coming from only the best names in the industry. Choose from the latest products by Honeywell Security Systems (ADT) and other top brands like DSC, Brinks, GE, Panasonic, Ademco, Sony, and Samsung. These trusted companies offer all kinds of advanced products, from alarm control panels to wireless security products, alarm keypads, security sensors, cameras, and other integrated solutions.

Your alarm system will be custom designed to meet the specific needs of your family or your business. Say goodbye to worry with our expertly designed burglar alarm and security systems and start living life in peace.

Our services include installation of exterior and perimeter devices, interior protective systems, fire protection, and motion detection systems, as well as installation of emergency systems to keep your home constantly in-check for any hazards. Off-site monitoring is also on offer so you can have peace of mind, even when leaving town for days at a time.

We are a trusted home security systems provide that offers simple to highly advanced and integrated alarm systems for homes and businesses. Ask about our other services or request for a good quote for your own alarm system when you call our hotline at 1 800 654 7797 or 1 866 21-ALARM.